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    Weddings are ought to be great celebrations, but turn into messy affair in Metropolitan cities – scarcity of venues, very less auspicious dates, terrific traffic jams to reach destinations and much more. More to it, escalating prices of decoration, accessories and hospitality services have make it a big hole-in-the pocket event. Solution to all such worrying issues is one – Destination Wedding. Switch to this most happening concept and that too, at a nearest high-altitude location from Metropolitans, especially to Delhi-NCR.

    We are your Destination Wedding Curator – Crown’N’Castle

    Emerging leader in the organization and holding of Destination weddings with great locations, perfect planning and suits-every-budget events.

    Why Destination Wedding!


    Not only great locales but many genuine reasons that make it a popular choice among young couples and veterans alike

    Location is the magic​

    One spot serves all functions

    Always cheaper than local ceremonies at your home ​

    Close proximity with your loved ones for longer time

    Memorable experience of life time​

    And much more...

    Wedding Packages

    Choose the right package as per your budget, needs, desires and other vitals. We have created an ideal range to suit all fits. All packages have potential to offer glitter and grace to your celebration:

    Silver Package

    Rs.10-20 lakh

    Gold Package

    Rs. 21-35 lakh

    Diamond Package

    Rs. 36-50 lakh

    Platinum Package

    Rs. 51 lakh & above

    Our Services


    Best locations

    Wedding shooting

    Cuisine curation

    Wedding decoration

    Concept development

    Logistics arrangement


    UTTARAKHAND - Dev Bhoomi or Land of Gods & Goddesses

    Welcome to the Paradise on Earth

    Choose Nature as your Best partner when you tie for an eternity

    Uttarakhand has an unmatched beauty, unique culture and amazing locations. Ranging from Queen of the hills to Valley of Flowers serves the purpose of exclusive wedding experience

    How We Do!


    Careful planning offers you much needed confidence and flawless celebration with moments of lifetime remembrance. With you jointly, we go through certain stages of preparation for the wedding, step- by- step for fulfillment of all your dreams


    Connecting with Family/Couple

    As soon as you show some interest to connect with us, our professional wedding planning services are at your disposal! We are ready with all necessary assistance for your wedding, round-the-clock!


    Craft the Right Wedding

    Each wedding and going-to-be married couple is special. So, we scan the tastes, interests and desires and arrange the Best possible customized wedding event.


    Choose your package-location

    You may choose to bring 100 or more of your friends and family to wedding or a selected gathering; we have packages for all kind. We assist you in finding the Best locations and venues under your plan..


    Shake hands

    As we together reached to an all clear plan and final package, then it’s time for a handshake. In fact, it is our handholding to make your experience valuable and memorable.


    Enjoy the Ceremony

    From step one to last one; we are there to go beyond our commitment to make your Ceremony- an amazing celebration. We ensure that you and your family focus on super enjoyment, leaving all botheration to us.

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