Our Story

Our Naissance

We are born out of a ceremonial necessity! 

Marriages in Metropolitan region are a Messy affair.

Reasons are many and all are genuine.

 Everyone except Bride and Grooms’ family fails to attend Wedding in real senses, with happy feelings and excitement. 

Reality is, Relationships may be fixed in heavens but the ceremonies are to be performed here on Earth, only.

Weddings are now taking place only at a certain specified time period every year. Primary reason being limited muhurats as per astrological calculations. And other reasons involve commercial interests of vendors associated with wedding industry. Anyways, everyone rush to book marriage spots fast as days are less, venues are fewer and marriage saya is super-duper heavy. So, everyone do everything to get best venues- bookings by paying premium amount , utilize connections to pressurize venue owners, ready to compromise on facilities and so on. People struggle hard to just book a respectable and lively venue by all means and undergoing stressful negotiations.

Even after facing such hardships irony is that, only lucky ones get success. Decent resorts, banquet halls, wedding gardens, villas, private farm houses and community halls remains out of reach of almost 65% of wedding booking seekers. This demand and supply gap affects other services too associated with the Great Day. Catering, Band, Décor, Transport-you name any service related to wedding, you would find it hard to avail with ease and at reasonable price. In such condition, it is obvious that marriage expenses shoot far above the budget boundaries of majority of families.

If somehow one manages to meet the hire expense burden even then all efforts done to enjoy the celebration of close ones prove futile. Since everyone lines up for best location or happening place around town on Celebration Day, roads turn into stampede ground, facing extreme traffic from all sides of town to reach outskirts like GT Karnal road, Gurgaon, Alipur, Ghaziabad, Bijwasan, Manesar, Sohna Road and more such popular places. Guests who are supposed to enjoy the delicacies at marriage venue, forced to inhale more of smoke in the closed doors of their mobile AC chambers on roads, unable to shake the paining legs due to regular clutch-gear exercise and badly frustrated instead of feeling joy of participating in marriage when stranded for hours in jams among stranger’s vehicles. At last, they reach at the venue just two-three hours after scheduled time and formally taste some food to please the host as planning to leave as early as possible to save from the same tunnel of trouble -congestion, helplessness and anxiety seems to be number one priority.

In nutshell, on an average, any family going to attend marriage in Delhi-NCR spends almost 5-6 hours on road rather to celebrate the occasion. They hardly spent one-two odd hours at the event.

Just to end such torturous system of attending most auspicious event of one’s lifetime, we have created a Super Exciting, Hassle-free solution, right for You.

Destination Wedding

This not only gives relief from all existing problems in wedding ecosystem of Delhi-NCR but also offers Fresh freedom, Lovely locations & Interesting inexpensive venue for marriages.

And here, we promise to take responsibility off your shoulders and create the most magnificent yet multi-tasking event of a lifetime, with super ease and matchless creativity.



- to make your BEST DAY as the Most Memorable Moment for You and Your Close ones

So, a careful and caring company to open new avenues of a Great Wedding, without stress and hassles is born.

We are Crown'N'Castle

Your perfect match for an unmatched celebration!


It’ll be a once in a lifetime experience for the to-be married couple, families and guests.


Destination Wedding is in reality way more superior to local wedding besides amazing locations.


Perfect Day, Amazing Way- YOU DECIDE