Destination Wedding

Why Destination wedding!

It’ll be a once in a lifetime experience for the to-be married couple, families and guests. It is the hottest trend of our times. Those looking for more enjoyable, comfortable, and less-priced wedding option at some amazing location are best buyers of this smart celebration pack.

It offers privacy, fulfill desires of ecstasy and create memories of a lifetime on an exotic location as unmatched gifts to the new couple.

It’s the best alternative if you wish to have an intimate “stressless” wedding with just your close ones.

Relieving close relatives from the exhaustation of jam-packed routes and creating a lovely window to spend more time with each other after long period is a great service to nurture relations.

Reasons to opt for destination weddings outside Metropolitan region carries such a great potential.

Advantages of Destination Wedding!

Destination Wedding is in reality way more superior to local wedding besides amazing locations.
Check the advantage list of Destination Wedding!:

Experience Customization

It is a kind of a private wedding ceremony of just the bride and groom plus few selected guests. You can get tailor made fit of your wants, needs, and interests. Best part is that you have to hire an expert in this field and order everything to him/her as Alexa which gives you unfiltered listening.

Live Free, Stress Free

One may not count it as profit in terms of money but it’s something beyond money and more worthy. It is a great saving on time, anxiety and stress which everyone asks for but seldom gets. When one finds peace of mind with the super confidence of everything in control, everyone in the family enjoy this special occasion truly.

Always Cheaper& Smart than Local

The average cost of a destination wedding starts from 15-20 lakh, which is far less than the national average for traditional weddings. In Delhi-NCR, people regularly spend almost Rs.30-40 lakh on their big day. This great economic benefit is turning heads of many conventional parents who never thought of planning a destination wedding earlier. With the huge amount of money saved on total marriage expenses, they are free to utilize saved money to arrange for other programs related to wedding like honeymoon, cocktails or pre-wedding shoots.

Enjoy Bonuses at Destinations

Major destination venues offer various special discounts, bonuses for more gatherings, freebies and perks to extend their warmth. Because they love to organize more such occasions with lovely people so they come forward with irresistible offers. As they plan to be ahead in the competition, they might pamper you with some sort of complimentary stay for few nights, food-beverage coupons during stay, at no cost upgrade to the honeymoon suite for a day, sightseeing trip to explore for free—the sky’s the limit!

Location is the Magic

Mind-blowing picturesque location, natural environment for healthy stay, serenity of Nature- it is the location that reflect your true colors as you become one with it. You unlock a new culture, regional flavors, and boundless moments of discovering freshness at every step. You can have your pre-wedding shoot here(just need a prior planning with us),mehndi at near fountains, cocktail in the backdrop of river-enjoy different functions at stunning locations of the venue or opt for nearby new locations.

Natural Decoration

Best thing to go for a Destination Wedding is to not spend thousands of bucks unnecessarily on readymade decoration items when your location in itself is YOUR REAL DECORATION. In a traditional wedding, flowers and other decorations consume a lot of budget to cover the concrete. However, Destination wedding venues opens up the pristine beauty of the site and treats places it as amazing decoration. Imagine a dazzling landscape as your backdrop- as your destination; you again win to score huge sum-accounting to thousands. Rest assured, Nature is kind enough to shower blessings every time of the year by exotic flowers, fragrant vegetation and panoramic views.

Choicest Guests

Destination wedding advises to filter the entry of not-much close ones. However, if you are happy to arrange for a large gathering, rest assured, we have a big heart and better arrangement for that too. Usually, it is one intimate occasion where handful of dear friends and close family members must be given priority over formal attendance. Not everybody is interested in spending the time and money to celebrate at the destination of your choice hence it is better they keep it a distance. With this arrangement, you would be able to provide more luxurious experience for your guests if they are less in number with even at a small budget. One great emotional advantage is that you will get more time to spend with the people that really matters to you.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Reunion Occasion

Unlike traditional wedding, here you are not on the run, meeting and greeting everyone like a totally engaged host. Destination wedding means you and entire crew is enjoying a lovely vacation time. All of your family plus friends has two to three days of fun, gossips and develop new bonds in the cozy lap of Nature. Do you remember any such occasion, when all close ones got an opportunity to spend no-rush quality playtime with dear friends and far-flung cousins! This is your chance to prepare precious memories album.