What better place to receive the blessings of the Gods than in the land of God’s itself.


After many brain-storming sessions, we have arrived to present a great Destination JUST FOR YOU

-Super exciting, Luxury-packed, with Lush-green Beauty of Nature and at a least distance to Delhi-NCR region.

UTTARAKHAND – DEV BHOOMI – the land of Gods & Goddesses

This is heaven on earth, no second thoughts about it-ask those who has been to this Green Paradise!

Open your SUN-MOON roof to get blessings from the heaven.

Just Look at:

Breathtaking picturesque mountains with crown of snow white ice, flow of healing mellow of rivers, streaks of lakes playing hide and seek casually from the mountains, carpet spread of lush-green nature, millions of aromatic flowers and spectacular vegetation, breeze filtered through the funnel of rocks, water and vast colorful lands and magnificent castle of myths, stories, mysteries and interaction with the divine. 

Welcome to Uttarakhand

Dev Bhoomi or land of Gods and Goddesses

The mesmerizing beauty of the place has redefined it as Living paradise on Earth. Crossed by World’s biggest mountains Himalayas, well- sprinkled by more than dozen rivers- prominent being two most famous holy riversGanga and Yamuna, and others like-Alaknanda,Bhagirathi,Ramganga,Kali,Bhilangna,Saraswati,Gaula,GoriGanga, Kosi,Mandakini, Nandakini, Pindari, Saryu, Tons revered for the pilgrimage sites like Kedarnath, Badrinath, Yamunotri, Gangotri, Rishikesh, Haridwar filled with adventures of one of oldest wildlife reserves Jim Corbett Park and a diversified community following distinct cultural traditions and rituals-sketches this North India’s chic beauty spot.

 Those couples who have a dream to invite blue skied clouds, mountains kissed winds, melodious harmony of rivers as their memorable guests then Uttarakhand is the first choice to go for destination wedding. No noise of commonplace life and no stress of racing ahead- just book this serene place as your private island for your destination wedding in North India. It gives you the kick of dream wedding celebration as one watches in Bollywood movies, on the canvas of the hills, with fading of the city life, among the five elements of Nature- this place is really hypnotic.

This is the place for your celebration of event of life besides other occasions which need such unique arrangement to make it a part of your future memory. 

The biggest advantage of this place is its proximity to Delhi that means getting to Uttarakhand from Lucknow, Agra, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, or other cities is an easy and favorable choice. The capital city of Uttarakhand i.e., Dehradun has air facility with cheap flight rates at its Jolly Grant Airport. Other air strips nearby are Pant Nagar and Pitthoragarh. Helicopter facility is also a bonus it makes your journey possible in less time and save the day for more enjoyment. Better Railway travel options like Rajdhani and Shatabdi ensures comfort and luxury.








National Corbett Park / Ramnagar

and more than dozen destinations are the first choice of lovers of Natural Beauty and Unique Locations.

Uttarakhand has all the essential features that make it a perfect wedding venue for your Dream Destination Wedding. Advantages of organizing an unforgettable event in this natural oasis have its charm which no other place can claim for. From engagement or ring ceremony to pre wedding shoot, haldi to mehndi -up to cocktail, marriage vows to a splendid honeymoon-place never let down the expectation of making each and every moment memorable.