Privacy Policy

Crown-N-Castle is genuinely committed to the Privacy Policy mentioned below:

This Policy covers all the public or personal data that we gather about our Customers. We collect information from our Customers in order to endow customized services to them. All the personal information which we gather from the Customers is used lawfully and is never sold, misused or disclosed to any other party. The Privacy Policy is applicable on services offered by Crown-N-Castle.

Crown-N-Castle collects personal identification from the user via various forms and other activities. We ensure that we store all the personal data that is willingly shared by them. This data contains Name, Address, Contact Number, E-mail id of the client; we collect this as it helps us to identify the user and serve in due course of time by means of information, services or any other practice which is ethical and legal in all aspects.

Crown-N-Castle aggregates statistical and technical data about the customers/clients/corporate houses/concerns which helps us to facilitate the customers as well as organisations connecting to us. The Non-Personal Data consists of information which cannot be used to directly identify the customers or concerns.

All the information which Crown-N-Castle collects from the customer/client is used for the following purpose:

  • We use the information to enhance user experience; we customize our services in accordance with the areas of interest or engagement of the users. We send information about our services also which we may think will be interesting for them.
  • E-mail id provided by the customers/clients is only used to send specific/periodic informative emails (if required) and to respond to their queries and doubts. If the user subscribes our services, then company’s updates and promotional announcements related to our products and services are sent on their respective mail id. If the user wishes to stop receiving these E-mails, then at any time, they can unsubscribe this service by contacting us or responding to the unsubscribe option available at communication point at mails.
  • We use this information to understand the cumulative way of how our users are likely to use the services provided by us.
  • Customer/client suggestions and their personal information help us for improving Customer Care Services. It is also useful to commence customer satisfaction level.
  • Data and Feedback provided by the customer/client is used for improving our service quality and improve product application (if feasible).

Crown-N-Castle ensures you that your data is secured by reliable hosted servers and verified security technologies. We take appropriate steps in order to protect your data from any unauthorized access, damage, alteration or disclosure. We also do not store any sensitive information.

Crown-N-Castle reserves all the rights related to make updates in the Privacy Policy at any point of time. In case we do any vital changes, then we will try to inform the customers/clients provided conditions permit so. Even though, otherwise we are not liable or responsible under any circumstance. It is entirely your responsibility to frequently check the modifications in the Privacy Policy.

Crown-N-Castle does not share your personal data with anyone else. We keep your data confidential. We may share your information only if it is required by law or is necessary to enforce our policy. We may disclose non-personal information about you only to advertise or any other business related work.

After publishing the alterations regarding the Privacy Policy, your regular visits on the website and submitting data to us will be deemed as your acceptance to the approved changes. If you don’t agree with our terms, then you may discontinue dealing with us.

In case you have any query or doubt regarding our services or our Privacy Policy, then you can contact us on our official website or at our Customer Care Service.