Terms & Conditions

The services provided by Crown-N-Castle shall be under the purview of the given list of services /discussions between the “Client” and “the Executive” till date. Any additions/deletions to the final list shall be charged extra/deduced accordingly.

Our pricing policy is transparent, comprehensive and subject to amendment depending on external and internal factors. Though, primarily it ensures to ascertain and acknowledge the wedding or any other events pricing slabs for the ongoing project. Our core focus is to close the event within the agreed budget between the “Client” and “the Executive” till date.

Any extra requirements/deletions will be subjected to mutual consent between the “Client” and “the Executive” till date.

We outsource Major/minor services on your behalf namely-transportation, entertainment, ceremonial priests, make-up/saloon services, digital photographer/videographer, caterers, decorators, lodging etc. are contracted on a time and budget basis. In case of breach of scheduled time allocated Crown-N-Castle will exercise its right for extra payment in lieu of excess use of resources.

Crown-N-Castle holds the right for the execution of any service on its own or on behalf of the associates/suppliers ONLY ONCE PAYMENT IS DONE. Our accountability is solely for the paid amount in our account. All other levies/taxes/bank charges etc. incurred on client’s end is payable exclusively by the client.

In case of guests presence is lower than the booked number, the client/customer would, however, bear the cost of original booked inventory. Similarly, in case of any addition in the number of guests, the client has to pay accordingly.

Considering weather as an external factor of importance, shelter provisions will come at a cost to the client or venue shifting also incurs cost on client. The cost would entail alterations in the services and other responsibilities in the changed circumstances.

We will charge 60 % of the amount from the total cost evaluation per person basis mentioned in SLA multiplied by the maximum number of extra guests in any ceremony /event. For instance, In case, the amount of wedding for Mr. A wedding is Rs. 10, 00, 000 for 100 people for 2 events (wedding +reception) as finalized in the SLA. But number of people increases to 120 for 1st event & 150 for other. The additional charges will be 10, 00,000 = 10000 per person X 60 % = Rs. 6000 X 50 pax (Maximum number of extra guests in event) = Rs. 3, 00,000

The liability of final Payment for wedding package / event package is to be settled one day prior to the last event. Usually, it is mentioned in the SLA that it should be paid at least ten hours before the onset of the event. It will be an ease to settle the payment to vendors for an anxiety free happy closure of the celebrated event. Since Final Payment carries time-constrained limitation, so Cash or Demand Draft is the only safe option. This payment is not accepted in the form of cheque /credit cards.

As per event plan and additionally chargeable in case of increment of guests as per actual. Any changes in the menu at the last moment will attract extra cost.

  • Your signed approval of the contract must be supported with a 30% deposit of the total sum of the event as First Installment
  • Total payment plan is usually divided into 4 proportions
  • The Final Installment shall be paid before the last event
  • All payments except last payment are accepted ONLY either by Netbanking or Demand Draft
  • Notice of cancellation for any service must be made in writing with appropriate signature to Crown-N-Castle.

  • Up to 120 days prior to any event, client/customer will be entitled to avail 50% of the total paid sum less any supplier/vendor cancellation charges.

  • 120 days to 90 days client/customer will be entitled to get 25% of the total paid sum less any supplier cancellation charges. 

  • Up to 30 days prior to the event, client/customer will be entitled to 10% of the total paid less any supplier cancellation charges.

  • For all other services, a definite cancellation policy will be in force.

  • Crown-N-Castle would levy a service charge of 10% in the matters of cancellation of services after execution of booking. 

For the unutilized services (where payment is done in advance but not availed due to some valid reason) about which fairly prior information in written has reached us, clients are entitled to get a refund. The refund amount hence is calculated on the basis of cancellation policy as mentioned earlier. The refund process may involve 5-10 weeks of time period due to communication coordination among various authorities including banks and private vendors. In case of refund to the credit card account or to a Bank account, the bank charges would be debited from the refund amount.